Framing FAQs

I strongly recommend framing all your prints and originals. Framing your art will protect artwork from wear and dust.  However, I am unable to offer framing from my studio at this time (because having a tiny apartment in NYC = zero space for any extras, sad trombone).

Wondering how to frame your new art and need a little direction? I’ve compiled some of my favorite makers for standard sized frames below. 

  • Ideally, one would visit a local frame shop. If you happen to live in NYC, Curbed has an excellent list of small businesses who specialize in framing. The nice thing about custom framing is they can also help you with mating the art (which gives artwork a little extra oomph in the presentation department, and it’ll impress all your friends)
  • Otherwise, stores like Blick and Michaels will also make custom frames and help mat your art. There are also online framing services such as Framebridge though I have not used them myself.

For readymade frames, I have broken down some suggestions by size. A caveat with using readymade frames is that they do not account for the slight variations in paper sizing after I hand trim the edges of particular works on paper. Using a readymade frame may not guarantee the artwork will fit perfectly within it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this!

4” x 6”

5“ x 7”

6” x 6”

6” x 12”

8.5” x 11”

9” x 9”

9” x 12”